Team Durango have released a comprehensive guide on how to adjust the anti-squat setting on the DEX410v3. The guide not only addresses the new v3 variant but all 410 buggies that are came equiped with a new design RR suspension mount #TD330307. It makes use of the moulded inserts #TD330309 to change anti-squat settings, and makes it unnecessary to buy different angle suspension mounts. Click here to go directly to TD's anti-squat guide and learn how the different settings influence the buggy's characteristics.
Savöx Germany introduce the upcoming BLH-3650 1/10 scale brushless motors and Razor brushless speed controller. The BLH-3650 motors are of a sensored design and will become available from 4.5T to 23.5T for both modified and stock classes and on-road and off-road applications. The 160A Razor brushless controller will also be of sensored design we guess. More information and prices to follow.
Update: was able to get their hands on the specifications for both the Razor speed controller and the BLH-3650 brushless motors.

Specifications Razor controller
- Classes: 1/12 & 1/10 scale
- Weight: 105g incl. wires & fan
- Modes: Fwd/Brk, Fwd/Brk/Rev, Fwd/Rev, Fwd/Paused/Rev
- Continuos current: 160A
- Peak current: 400A
- Footprint: 31.3x32.6mm
- Motor limit: 4.5T sensored
- Height: 27mm w/o fan, 37mm w/fan
- Programmable using programming box

Specifications BLH-3650 motors
- Dimensions: 35.8x52.9mm
- Shaft: 3.17mm
- Weight: 180g
- Sensored design
- Timing: -12° to 24°
- Dimensions: ø35.8 x 52.9 mm

Turn kV
4.5T 7700
5.5T 6400
6.5T 5500
7.5T 4800
8.5T 4350
9.5T 3900
10.5T 3550
13.5T 3050
17.5T 2200
21.5T 1900
23.5T 1600

DE Racing have released two new product for popular off-road vehicles in the form of new Borrego wheels for Team Durango's DEX410v3 buggy and a rear skid plate for the Team Associated SC10 4x4 SC truck. The Borrego wheels for the front of the Team Durango DEX410v3 4WD buggy include all the same features from the rest of the company's buggy line in addition to a 14mm mounting hex and offset specific to the DEX410v3. They are available in Black, Silver, White, and Yellow.
Also available is a rear skid plate for the Team Associated SC10 4x4. The part replaces the stock rear mini bumper (ASC91100) with a new rear mini bumper/skid plate. They are sold in packs of two.
DER-BB-D4B Fits Team Durango DEX410 "V3" Front/Black
DER-BB-D4S Fits Team Durango DEX410 "V3" Front/Silver
DER-BB-D4W Fits Team Durango DEX410 "V3" Front/White
DER-BB-B4Y Fits Team Durango DEX410 "V3" Front/Yellow
DER-310-A XD Rear Skid Plate for the Team Associated SC10 4x4

Vampire Racing have released two new LiPo battery packs in the form of the 2S 6800mAh 70C straight and 2S 440mAh 50C 95mm "shorty" pack. The regular length pack is assembled from the latest high-performance cells, sports a black plastic hardcase and 4mm bullet and 2mm balancer plugs.
The 95mm short 2S 4400mAh 50C pack is designed for off-road buggies like the TLR22 and similar and for generally every class that profits from a lightweight yet powerful battery. The pack also comes with black hardcase and 4mm/2mm bullet connectors.

#VR-1018 Vampire Racing 7.4V 2S 6800mAh 70C LiPo battery
#VR-1019 Vampire Racing 7.4V 2S 4400mAh 50C Shorty LiPo battery

RB distributor RMV Deutschland have released information on the RB Blast V2 Limited Edition set. The square stroke engine features a 7+3 port ABC liner, multi-exhaust system, 9mm composite carburettor with 7mm venture insert, turbo glow plug and a 13mm nitride hardened and coated crankshaft. The 3.5cc engine is designed for competition use in both 1/8 scale buggies and truggies and comes including an engine protection kit and EFRA 2045 exhaust at a price of 189 Euro.
See an update on the bottom of this page. Revolution Design Racing Products have released a couple of teasing CAD renderings of upcoming option parts for the Team Durango DEX210 buggy. Available will be several aluminium, brass and carbon option parts such as weights, front bulkheads, a steering plate for new steering link positions, carbon and aluminium battery plates, titanium shock mounts and AE-compatible front wheel axles, aluminium shock towers, +8mm height aluminium wing mounts, brass suspension mounts with different toe and kick-up settings, spur gears, and shock parts. The parts will very likely be on show at the upcoming Nuremberg Toyfair and and should hit the stores this Spring.