Vampire Racing have released two new LiPo battery packs in the form of the 2S 6800mAh 70C straight and 2S 440mAh 50C 95mm "shorty" pack. The regular length pack is assembled from the latest high-performance cells, sports a black plastic hardcase and 4mm bullet and 2mm balancer plugs.
The 95mm short 2S 4400mAh 50C pack is designed for off-road buggies like the TLR22 and similar and for generally every class that profits from a lightweight yet powerful battery. The pack also comes with black hardcase and 4mm/2mm bullet connectors.

#VR-1018 Vampire Racing 7.4V 2S 6800mAh 70C LiPo battery
#VR-1019 Vampire Racing 7.4V 2S 4400mAh 50C Shorty LiPo battery