"The new features on the DEX410v3 are:

Big bore shocks - more consistent on rough tracks due to the larger volume of oil.

Gold shock shafts as standard – super smooth Ti Ni coated shock shafts.

New ‘Kuhler’ Body – increased space inside the body and improved air flow to the electronics

New RR suspension arm brace – allows the rear squat to be altered using moulded inserts.

New ‘Fine Tune’ shock towers with finer adjustment for the upper mounting positions and more rear camber link positions on the rear tower.

New HD Ball Ends used throughout – tighter fitting and less likely to pop off during a collision.
14mm Hex hubs – new hex hubs and wheels provide stronger and more reliable wheel fitment.

Changes from the 2010 kit to bring a more cost effective buggy!!!Durability IS NOT sacrificed with these changes :)

Plastic side rails are used in place of the aluminium side rails.

Plastic servo mount is used in place of the machined aluminium one.

Plastic rear gearbox inserts used in place of the machined aluminium parts.

Plastic middle bulkhead used in place of the machined aluminium part.

Moulded upper shock mounts with steel screw.

Revised rear bulkhead and rear gearbox hoop to improve strength in these areas.

Steel turnbuckles used in place of titanium turnbuckles.

Shock and drive shaft boots removed from the kit.

Some of these changes have been made following feedback we received from drivers of the out-going model. After listening to our team drivers and our customers we feel that not all of the machined aluminium parts are required in the kit, so changing these to plastic has helped us bring out a better, but less expensive buggy.

We will still be producing the machined aluminium parts, rubber boots and other option parts for this kit to allow people to upgrade their models should they choose to.



11/20/2011 18:20

Hi sir
Do you sale Durango V3?
please kindly let me know
If you sale how can i order it
i wanna order 4 kits for my other frends
i'll wait your reply
thank you

08/15/2012 08:57

super cool I love these


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