VenomGroup its here with us too. Take a look to a couple of models.
Venom Group International [VGI] is an evolving entrepreneurial story of what can happen when creative minds meet, actions are taken and dreams are pursued. It is a story about the power of an idea, of innovation, of teamwork and unity of purpose, the power of determination and the power of persistence. Above all, the VGI story is a mind-set about winning; for it's our aggressive spirit and winning attitude that makes VGI an extraordinary company.  

We compete in the marketplace by selling quality products at realistic prices, backed by first-class customer service and technical support. However, our real competitive advantage stems from the deliberate way in which we execute our vision, supporting the idea that a winning attitude and sense of urgency are fundamental to succeeding at anything in life, be it business, sports, your career, family, health or pursuit of your passions. 

Today, through teamwork, persistence and an unwavering attitude to win, Venom Group International has become a living reality, growing steadily and strong in the midst of a competitive environment, increasing brand recognition and popularity daily. With an incredible distribution network and a growing online business, Venom continues to serve its community of RC enthusiasts with the same level of determination and persistence with which we started!

info Please call us at: 787 444 4905 // 787 421 5604


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